Notam and New Brunswick Travel

We got wind of this yesterday and completed a bit of research earlier today,

With respect to the COVID restrictions for New Brunswick, I spoke with Jackie at the NB Travel Registration office this morning and based on what she told me, nothing has changed since the Atlantic Bubble was created back in June. (except the addition of the Quebec areas)

Apparently the Travel registration requirement has been there since the beginning and has not changed. The online registration form is not well designed for private aircraft flying to private strips, however it should be used.

The form is designed for commercial travel, For airline I used “Private”, for Flight Number, I used my aircraft registration. The form dropdown menu only gives you the option of 3 airports. If you are not flying to either FC,SJ, or QM, choose the closest airport to your destination. In the reason for travel box, insert the details: i.e. Returning from a visit to Nova Scotia, Landing Havelock Aerodrome CCS5. The reason for Entry should be “Atlantic Bubble-Single Use”

You will get an application confirmation Email within seconds,, however an actual approval may take 3-5 business days,, no worries if you don’t have the approval in time, just take the Reference number with you when you plan to make your trip, also required proof of residence in the bubble.

If your trip gets delayed a day or two, also no problem, I was told that a delay of a couple of days is OK, I pressed for a hard time window however I didn’t get anything specific, She said if it goes beyond a week you should redo the application.

Later today, I received the following text in an Email from the Boarder Enforcement team:

Thank you for your inquiry. You are able to fly your plane to a different place as long as you are originating and travelling to a place on the atlantic bubble. You will need to use the address of the spot you are landing it and have your approved flight plan with you.

I’ve completed a couple of the registration forms the biggest pain is that you have to complete one for each adult travelling with you. Those dependents under 18 can be added to your  application, other than that, no problem.

Travel well, Stay Safe, and hope to see everyone in Stanley this weekend.

Brian Pinsent